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BridgeWave Communications: High-capacity and Gigabit Wireless Microwave and Millimeter Wave Backhaul Connectivity Solutions

BridgeWave delivers highly-reliable, cost-effective high-capacity and gigabit wireless solutions for mobile, carrier, service provider, enterprise, and government (including municipal and military applications) networks. High performance, lower costs, ease of operation and excellent wireless network security deliver a superior alternative to fiber-based solutions, including wireless backhaul and 4G mobile network requirements.

The company's 60 GHz and 80 GHz millimeter wave links offer up to ten times the bandwidth of license-free wireless links with added interference immunity. These products contain features such as AdaptRate™, AdaptPath™, built-in Ethernet switch and optional internal 256-bit AES encryption. BridgeWave's FE/GE/AR60 solutions operate in the license-free 60 GHz spectrum, while the FE/GE/BW/AR80 products operate in the lightly-licensed 70/80 GHz
frequency band.

BridgeWave's FL4G-UHA radio provides the benefit of the highest link budget in an 80 GHz solution, while offering Carrier-Ethernet functionality with QoS, VLAN, QinQ, ring protection and Ethernet OAM management. Simplifying installation, FL4G-UHA delivers full-duplex gigabit connectivity via copper or fiber with the convenience of SFP plug-in modules, while power is easily made via PoE... all in a compact, zero-footprint, all-outdoor solution.

BridgeWave's FlexPort® µWave products are the first licensed-band microwave solutions to enable full-rate gigabit connectivity in a cost-effective, single all-outdoor enclosure while providing carrier-grade Ethernet features.
FlexPort® µWave provides carriers and network operators a true future-proof backhaul solution without the need for additional hardware or a tower climb for full-rate gigabit transmissions.

BridgeWave's EtherFlex microwave products offer 100 Mbps - 364 Mbps full-duplex capacity in the licensed microwave frequency bands from 6 - 38 GHz. Employing all-outdoor architecture, Power-over-Ethernet, direct ODU-to-antenna mount and high power output, EtherFlex combines high-performance and low total cost of ownership in a licensed microwave solution to tomorrow's networks.

Setting the standard for product quality, BridgeWave employs Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) during design and Highly Accelerated Stress Screening (HASS) during production to ensure the highest levels of product reliability and customer satisfaction. BridgeWave is a U.S.-based corporation headquartered in San Diego, California, and is an ISO 9001 registered company. The company has strong global presence with over 20,000 solutions deployed in more than 60 countries.

BridgeWave Communications offers the best overall value with the highest quality and performance. With the broadest microwave and millimeter wave gigabit wireless product line, and the broadest feature set and options, backed by the best service in the industry, BridgeWave ensures the right combination of price and performance for customers servicing their network in multiple frequency bands from 6 GHz through 80 GHz. Further, all BridgeWave products are backed by the most comprehensive warranty and service offerings, designed to give you peace of mind that BridgeWave delivers on its commitment to quality.

Product Specifications
Key Product Features
  • Full rate, full duplex, ultra low latency GigE transport
  • Fast Ethernet products are software key upgradeable to GigE
  • Simultaneous TDM + IP Transport (FlexPort 80)
  • Microwave (6 - 38 GHz) and Millimeter Wave (60 & 80 GHz) solutions
  • Integrated all-outdoor unit is easy to install with minimal configuration
  • Multi-carrier operation in a single, all-outdoor solution (FlexPort μ Wave)
  • Carrier class “five-nines” operation over the longest link distances
  • AdaptRate™ technology ensures all-weather link availability
  • AdaptPath™ capability provides proactive secondary path switching
  • Narrow antenna beams provide security and interference immunity (60 & 80 GHz)
  • Integrated gigabit Ethernet switch supports “add/drop” configurations
  • Internal 256-bit AES encryption offers maximum data security