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No. Product Description Price
1. BridgeWave Communications 010-10619-0001 010106190001 EtherFlex Series, CONSOLE CABLE, RS232,, DB9 TO RJ45
2. BridgeWave Communications 010-51010-0004 010510100004 EtherFlex Series, POE POLE MOUNT BRACKET, (THIS IS A SPARE BRACKET)
3. BridgeWave Communications 010-51010-0005 010510100005 EtherFlex Series, POE WALL MOUNT BRACKET, (THIS IS A SPARE BRACKET)
4. BridgeWave Communications 010-51010-1001 010510101001 EtherFlex Series, SPARE RJ45 ENTRY GLANDS, QTY OF 5
5. BridgeWave Communications 010-51010-1002 010510101002 EtherFlex Series, SPARE HEX PLUGS, QTY OF 5
6. BridgeWave Communications 010-51010-1006 010510101006 EtherFlex Series, POE CONDUIT CONNECTOR, (THIS IS A SPARE CONNECTOR)
7. BridgeWave Communications 010-51030-0001 010510300001 EtherFlex Series, POE, 2-PORT GIGE, (THIS IS A SPARE UNIT)
8. BridgeWave Communications 110-0766-101 1100766101 BW-EAGLE, EAGLE DIAGNOSTIC PORT, INTERFACE TEST KIT, CONSOLE PORT ADAPTER
9. BridgeWave Communications 230-0900-011 2300900011 BW-EAGLE, POE INJECTOR, INDOOR USE ONLY, 48VDC INPUT (NO POWER CORD)
10. BridgeWave Communications 230-0901-001 2300901001 BW-EAGLE, IEC C13 POWER CORD -3-PRONG, USA (FOR POE INJECTOR)
11. BridgeWave Communications 596-0200-001 5960200001 BW-Eagle, ORTHOGONAL MODE TRANSDUCER, (OMT) 80 GHZ SIMULTANEOUS, V & H OPERATIO
12. BridgeWave Communications 680-0100-003 6800100003 BW-EAGLE, OUTDOOR ETHERNET SURGE, SUPPRESSOR (1000BASE-T), W/ RJ45
13. BridgeWave Communications 680-0100-018 6800100018 BW-EAGLE, DC PWR CABLE FOR POE INJECTOR, 680-0100-019
14. BridgeWave Communications 680-0100-019 6800100019 BW-EAGLE, E-LINK EALGE, GIGABIT MID-SPAN, PASSIVE INJECTOR (NO PWR CORD)
15. BridgeWave Communications 680-0100-023 6800100023 BW-EAGLE, INDOOR ETHERNET SURGE, SUPPRESSOR (1000BASE-T)
16. BridgeWave Communications 700-51001-0600 700510010600 EtherFlex, REMOTE MOUNT KIT, 6 GHZ, UDR70- NO WAVEGUIDE
17. BridgeWave Communications 995-2000-001 9952000001 BW-EAGLE, LINK SIMULATOR, FIXED ATTENUATOR TEST FIXTURE
18. BridgeWave Communications FL4G-3000-CPRI FL4G3000CPRI FL4G-3000, CPRI PORT ACTIVATION, DOES NOT, INCLUDE SFP'S
19. BridgeWave Communications FL4G-3000-TDM FL4G3000TDM FL4G-3000, STM-1/OC-12 LINK PORT ACTIVATE, DOES NOT INCLUDE SFP'S
23. BridgeWave Communications FL4G-3000-UPG-OAM FL4G3000UPGOAM FL4G-3000, OAM MANAGEMENT OPTION
24. BridgeWave Communications FL4G-3000-UPG-SYNC FL4G3000UPGSYNC FL4G-3000, SYNCE/1588V2 TIMING OPTION, PER LINK
25. BridgeWave Communications FL4G-5000-UPG-ACM FL4G5000UPGACM FL4G-5000, ACM FEATURE UPGRADE
26. Cambium Networks 07009303001 07009303001 ODU mount L-bracket, 6 GHz, PTP800I
27. Cambium Networks 07009303005 07009303005 ODU mount L-bracket, 11-13 GHz, PTP800I
28. Cambium Networks 30009403001 30009403001 IF cable fro CMU and IRFU
29. Cambium Networks 58009282001 58009282001 XCVR, ANSI HP, 6 GHZ
30. Cambium Networks 67009255001 67009255001 flange hardware kit PDR70
31. Cambium Networks 67009255002 67009255002 flange hardware kit PDR100
32. Cambium Networks C000065K018A C000065K018A PTP650/670, 128-BIT AES ENCRYPTION PER ODU
33. Cambium Networks C000065K019A C000065K019A PTP650/670, 256-BIT AES ENCRYPTION PER ODU
34. Cambium Networks C000065K049A C000065K049A , 8-PORT T1/E1 SOFTWARE LICENSE, (PER END)
35. Cambium Networks C000065K053A C000065K053A PTP650/670, GROUP ACCESS LICENSE PER END
36. Cambium Networks C000065L002A C000065L002A PTP 650, AC+DC ENHANCED POWER, INJECTOR
37. Cambium Networks C000065L002C C000065L002C PTP650, AC+DC ENHANCED POWER, INJECTOR
38. Cambium Networks C000065L007B C000065L007B PTP650/670, LPU AND GROUNDING KIT, 1 KIT PER ODU
39. Cambium Networks C000065L008A C000065L008A PTP 650, SINGLE MODE OPTICAL SFP, INTERFACE PER ODU
40. Cambium Networks C000065L009A C000065L009A PTP 650, MULTI-MODE OPTICAL SFP, INTERFACE PER ODU
41. Cambium Networks C000065L010A C000065L010A PTP 650, GIG-ETHERNET SFP INTERFACE, PER ODU
42. Cambium Networks C000065L044A C000065L044A PTP650, NIDU - DC POWER CONNECTOR, SPARE (10 PACK)
43. Cambium Networks C000070K001A C000070K001A PTP700, 128-BIT AES ENCRYPTION PER END
44. Cambium Networks C000070K002A C000070K002A PTP700, 256-BIT AES ENCRYPTION PER END
45. Cambium Networks C000070K003A C000070K003A PTP700, PRECISE NETWORK TIMING SOFTWAR, LICENSE - PER END
46. Cambium Networks C000070K004A C000070K004A PTP700, GROUP ACCESS SOFTWARE LICENSE-, PER END
47. Cambium Networks C000070K005A C000070K005A PTP700, FIPS 140-2 UPGRADE INCLUDING, 128-BIT AES - PER END
48. Cambium Networks C000070K006A C000070K006A PTP700, FIPS 140-2 UPGRADE INCLUDING, 256-BIT AES - PER END
49. Cambium Networks C058082M001A C058082M001A PTP820, RFU-A EXTENDED MODULATION, 5.8_6LGHZ
50. Cambium Networks C110082R057A C110082R057A PTP820, RFU-C,11GHZ,TR490, CHLZ,HI,11185-11485 MHZ
51. Cambium Networks C110082R058A C110082R058A PTP820, RFU-C,11GHZ,TR490, CHLZ,LO,10695-10955 MHZ
52. Cambium Networks C110082R059A C110082R059A PTP820G, RFU-C, TR490, CH HI, 11425-11725 MHZ
53. Cambium Networks C110082R060A C110082R060A PTP820G, RFU-C, TR490, CH LO, 10915-11207 MHZ
54. Cambium Networks N000065L001B N000065L001B PTP650/670, AC POWER INJECTOR
55. Cambium Networks N000065L001C N000065L001C PTP 650, AC POWER INJECTOR
56. Cambium Networks N000065L003A N000065L003A PTP 650, US LINE CORD FIG 8
57. Cambium Networks N000065L030A N000065L030A PTP 650, EXTENDED DIAMETER MAST, MOUNTING KIT 3.5" & 4.5"
60. Cambium Networks N000065L033A N000065L033A PTP 650, RJ-45 SPARE GROUNDING GLAND, PG16 SIZE (QTY 10)
61. Cambium Networks N000065L036A N000065L036A , BLANKING PLUG PACK (QTY 10)
62. Cambium Networks N000082K027B N000082K027B PTP820, ACTIVATION KEY-AES KEY 256 BIT, PER TX CHANNEL
63. Cambium Networks N000082L014A N000082L014A PTP820C, GLANDS X 5 KIT
64. Cambium Networks N000082L016A N000082L016A PTP820, CAT5E OUTDOOR DRUM 100M
65. Cambium Networks N000082L017A N000082L017A PTP820, GROUNDING KIT FOR CAT5E, F/UTP 8 MM CABLE
66. Cambium Networks N000082L018A N000082L018A PTP820, OUTDOOR DC CABLE DRUM, 2 X 12 AWG
67. Cambium Networks N000082L019A N000082L019A PTP820, OUTDOOR DC CABLE DRUM, 2 X 18 AWG
68. Cambium Networks N000082L020A N000082L020A PTP820, POE INJECTOR 19" RACK MNT KIT
69. Cambium Networks N000082L021A N000082L021A PTP820, POE INJECTOR 23" RACK MNT KIT
70. Cambium Networks N000082L022A N000082L022A PTP820, REDUNDANT DC INPUT, 24 VDC SUPPORT
71. Cambium Networks N000082L023A N000082L023A PTP820, 16E1 CABLE MDR65-RJ45, 3 METER, LA CROSS
72. Cambium Networks N000082L024A N000082L024A PTP820, 16E1 CABLE OPEN END, 3 METER
73. Cambium Networks N000082L025A N000082L025A PTP820, 16T1 CABLE MDR65-RJ45, 3 METER, LA CROSS
74. Cambium Networks N000082L026A N000082L026A PTP820, 16T1 CABLE OPEN END, 3 METER
75. Cambium Networks N000082L027A N000082L027A PTP820C, ACTIVATION KEY - 2ND CORE, ACTIVATION
76. Cambium Networks N000082L028A N000082L028A PTP820G, ACTIVATION KEY - 2ND MODEM, ACTIVATION
77. Cambium Networks N000082L030A N000082L030A PTP820, ACTIVATION KEY - AGG-LVL-1-CET, NODE MODE
78. Cambium Networks N000082L032A N000082L032A PTP820S, ACTIVATION KEY - CAPACITY 100M, WITH ACM ENABLED
79. Cambium Networks N000082L033A N000082L033A PTP820S, ACTIVATION KEY - CAPACITY 500M, WITH ACM ENABLED
80. Cambium Networks N000082L034A N000082L034A PTP820S, ACTIVATION KEY - CAPACITY 650M, WITH ACM ENABLED
81. Cambium Networks N000082L035A N000082L035A PTP820S, ACTIVATION KEY - UPGRADE FROM, 100 TO 500M PER CARRIER
82. Cambium Networks N000082L036A N000082L036A PTP820S, ACTIVATION KEY - UPGRADE FROM, 100 TO 650M PER CARRIER
83. Cambium Networks N000082L037A N000082L037A PTP820, ACTIVATION KEY - EDGE-CET NODE, MODE
84. Cambium Networks N000082L038A N000082L038A PTP820, ACTIVATION KEY - ENH PACKET, BUFFER MNG
85. Cambium Networks N000082L041A N000082L041A PTP820, ACTIVATION KEY - FRAME CUT-, THROUGH
86. Cambium Networks N000082L042A N000082L042A PTP820, ACTIVATION KEY - GE PORT
87. Cambium Networks N000082L043A N000082L043A PTP820, ACTIVATION KEY - HEADER DE-DUP
88. Cambium Networks N000082L047A N000082L047A PTP820, ACTIVATION KEY - IEEE-1588 TC
89. Cambium Networks N000082L048A N000082L048A PTP820, ACTIVATION KEY - MC-ABC
90. Cambium Networks N000082L049A N000082L049A PTP820, ACTIVATION KEY - MIMO
91. Cambium Networks N000082L050A N000082L050A PTP820, ACTIVATION KEY - NETWORK, RESILIENCY
92. Cambium Networks N000082L051A N000082L051A PTP820, ACTIVATION KEY - SECURE, MANAGEMENT
93. Cambium Networks N000082L052A N000082L052A PTP820, ACTIVATION KEY - SYNC UNIT
94. Cambium Networks N000082L053A N000082L053A PTP820, ACTIVATION KEY -TDM PSEUDOWIRE
95. Cambium Networks N000082L055A N000082L055A PTP820, ACTIVATION KEY - UPG EDGE/AGG-, LVL-1 NODE
96. Cambium Networks N000082L056A N000082L056A PTP820, ACTIVATION KEY - XPIC
97. Cambium Networks N000082L057A N000082L057A PTP820, EXTERNAL ALARMS OPEN CABLE, 2.5 M
98. Cambium Networks N000082L058A N000082L058A PTP820C, 19" RACK MOUNT KIT
99. Cambium Networks N000082L059A N000082L059A PTP820, SFP OPTICAL 1000BASE-LX, EXT, TEMP
100. Cambium Networks N000082L060A N000082L060A PTP820C, MIMO OR PROT MANAGEMENT, CABLE 10 M
101. Cambium Networks N000082L061A N000082L061A PTP820C, MIMO OR PROT MANAGEMENT, CABLE 1 M
102. Cambium Networks N000082L062A N000082L062A PTP820C, MIMO OR PROT MANAGEMENT, OUTDOOR SPLITTER
103. Cambium Networks N000082L063A N000082L063A PTP820C, SFP 4X4 MIMO DATA SHARING, CABLE KIT, 10M
104. Cambium Networks N000082L064A N000082L064A PTP820C, SOURCE SHARING, 10M
105. Cambium Networks N000082L065A N000082L065A PTP820C, DC CONNECTOR
106. Cambium Networks N000082L066A N000082L066A PTP820, RFU-A BLANK PANEL
107. Cambium Networks N000082L067A N000082L067A PTP820, RFU-A BRANCHING DRAWER FOR 1+0
108. Cambium Networks N000082L071A N000082L071A PTP820, RFU-C 19" RACK ADAPTER
109. Cambium Networks N000082L072A N000082L072A PTP820, SFP OPTICAL 1000BASE-SX, EXT, TEMP
110. Cambium Networks N000082L073A N000082L073A PTP820, GBE CONNECTOR KIT
111. Cambium Networks N000082L077A N000082L077A PTP820C, ACTIVATION KEY - CAPACITY 200M, WITH ACM ENABLED
112. Cambium Networks N000082L078A N000082L078A PTP820C, ACTIVATION KEY - CAPACITY 500M, WITH ACM ENABLED
113. Cambium Networks N000082L079A N000082L079A PTP820C, ACTIVATION KEY - CAPACITY 650M, WITH ACM ENABLED
114. Cambium Networks N000082L080A N000082L080A PTP820C, ACTIVATION KEY - UPGRADE FROM, 200 TO 650M PER CARRIER
115. Cambium Networks N000082L081A N000082L081A PTP820C, ACTIVATION KEY - UPGRADE FROM, 200 TO 500M PER CARRIER
116. Cambium Networks N000082L082A N000082L082A PTP820G, ACTIVATION KEY - CAPACITY 100M, WITH ACM ENABLED
117. Cambium Networks N000082L083A N000082L083A PTP820G, ACTIVATION KEY - CAPACITY 500M, WITH ACM ENABLED
118. Cambium Networks N000082L084A N000082L084A PTP820G, ACTIVATION KEY - CAPACITY 650M, WITH ACM ENABLED
119. Cambium Networks N000082L085A N000082L085A PTP820G, ACTIVATION KEY - UPGRADE FROM, 100 TO 650M PER CARRIER
120. Cambium Networks N000082L086A N000082L086A PTP820G, ACTIVATION KEY - UPGRADE FROM, 100 TO 500M PER CARRIER
121. Cambium Networks N000082L116A N000082L116A PTP820, GROUND CABLE FOR IDU AND ODU
122. Cambium Networks N000082L117A N000082L117A PTP820, SFP ELECTRIC INT 1000BASE-T, EXT TEMP
123. Cambium Networks N000082L120A N000082L120A PTP820, DC REMOTE MOUNT KIT, NOT FREQUENCY DEPENDENT
124. Cambium Networks N000082L121A N000082L121A PTP820, RFU-C POLE MOUNT KIT, NOT FREQUENCY DEPENDENT
125. Cambium Networks N000082L127A N000082L127A PTP 820 Series, LICENSED MICROWAVE BACKHAUL, PLATFORM
126. Cambium Networks N000082L129A N000082L129A PTP820S, ACTIVATION KEY, CAPACITY 300M, WITH ACM ENABLE PER TX CHAN
127. Cambium Networks N000082L130A N000082L130A PTP820C, ACTIVATION KEY, CAPACITY 300M, WITH ACM ENABLE PER TX CHAN
128. Cambium Networks N000082L131A N000082L131A PTP820G, ACTIVATION KEY, CAPACITY 200M, WITH ACM ENABLE PER TX CHAN
129. Cambium Networks N000082L132A N000082L132A PTP820G, ACTIVATION KEY, CAPACITY 300M, WITH ACM ENABLE PER TX CHAN
130. Cambium Networks N000082L135A N000082L135A PTP820, 1+1 OUTDOOR FIBER DISTRIBUTION, CLOSURE SPLITTER W/ LC SM CONN
131. Cambium Networks N000082L139A N000082L139A PTP820, OPTICAL CABLE, SM, 30 METERS
132. Cambium Networks N000082L140A N000082L140A PTP820C, OPTICAL CABLE, SM, 50 METERS
133. Cambium Networks N000082L142A N000082L142A PTP820C, OPTICAL CABLE, SM, 100 METERS
134. Cambium Networks N000082L143A N000082L143A PTP820C, OPTICAL CABLE, SM, 150 METERS
135. Cambium Networks N000082L146A N000082L146A PTP820, FIBER 1+1 SPLITTER, SM
136. Cambium Networks N000082L147A N000082L147A PTP820, FIBER ADAPTER
137. Cambium Networks N060082L002A N060082L002A PTP820C, 6 GHZ REMOTE MOUNT, ADAPTER - UDR70 NOT FREQ DEP
138. Cambium Networks N060082L003A N060082L003A PTP820, RFU-C 6 GHZ REMOTE MOUNT, ADAPTER - UDR70
139. Cambium Networks N060082L134A N060082L134A PTP820C, DUAL CORE MD KIT 6 GHZ, UDR70
140. Cambium Networks N060082L135A N060082L135A PTP820C, DUAL COUPLER KIT 6 GHZ
141. Cambium Networks N060082L136A N060082L136A PTP820C, DUAL SPLITTER KIT 6 GHZ, UDR70
142. Cambium Networks N060082L137A N060082L137A PTP820C, OMT KIT 6 GHZ
143. Cambium Networks N060082L138A N060082L138A PTP820C, SPLITTER KIT 6 GHZ
144. Cambium Networks N060082L139A N060082L139A PTP820, RFU-A 6GHZ L-BEND T1
145. Cambium Networks N060082L140A N060082L140A PTP820, RFU-A 6GHZ L-BEND T2
146. Cambium Networks N060082L141A N060082L141A PTP820, RFU-A 6GHZ SYSTEM HOUSING
147. Cambium Networks N060082L142A N060082L142A PTP820, RFU-A 6GHZ TERMINATION
148. Cambium Networks N060082L145A N060082L145A PTP820C, RFU-C, 6 GHZ COUPLER KIT
149. Cambium Networks N060082L146A N060082L146A PTP820C, RFU-C, 6 GHZ OMT DM KIT
150. Cambium Networks N060082L147A N060082L147A PTP820C, RFU-C, 6 GHZ OMT INTERFACE-, ANDREW
151. Cambium Networks N060082L148A N060082L148A PTP820C, RFU-C, 6 GHZ TWIST ADAPTOR KIT
152. Cambium Networks N060082L154A N060082L154A PTP820C, RFU-C, 6 GHZ OMT INTERFACE-, RADIOWAVES
153. Cambium Networks N060082L155A N060082L155A PTP820C, RFU-C, 6 GHZ OMT INTERFACE-, CNT
154. Cambium Networks N060082L157A N060082L157A PTP820, FLEX TWIST - WR137, PDR70 TO, CPR137G, 6-8 GHZ
155. Cambium Networks N060082L158A N060082L158A PTP820, FLEX HANGERS FOR 6 GHZ
156. Cambium Networks N060082L164A N060082L164A , RFU-A BRANCHING DRAWER 1+0, SAMPLER, 6L-252A-1W4
157. Cambium Networks N060082L165A N060082L165A , RFU-A BRANCHING DRAWER 1+0, SAMPLER, 6L-252A-3W6
158. Cambium Networks N060082L166A N060082L166A , RFU-A BRANCHING DRAWER 1+0, SAMPLER, 6L-252A-5W8
159. Cambium Networks N060082L167A N060082L167A , RFU-A BRANCHING DRAWER 1+0, SAMPLER, 6H-160A-1W8
160. Cambium Networks N060082L168A N060082L168A , RFU-A BRANCHING DRAWER 1+0, SAMPLER, 6H-160A-6W14
161. Cambium Networks N060082L169A N060082L169A , RFU-A BRANCHING DRAWER 1+0, SAMPLER, 6H-160A-8W16
162. Cambium Networks N110082L001A N110082L001A PTP820C, 10-11 GHZ REMOTE MOUNT, ADAPTER, UBR100
163. Cambium Networks N110082L002A N110082L002A PTP820, RFU-C ADPT 10_11GHZ, REMOTE MOUNT ADAPTOR-UBR100
164. Cambium Networks N110082L003A N110082L003A PTP820, ANDREW VALUELINE ANTENNA, CONVERSION KIT, 11 GHZ
165. Cambium Networks N110082L006A N110082L006A PTP820, EXALT TO CAMBIUM, CONVERSION KIT 11 GHZ, 4'
166. Cambium Networks N110082L007A N110082L007A PTP820, EXALT TO CAMBIUM, CONVERSION KIT 11 GHZ, 6'
168. Cambium Networks N110082L011A N110082L011A PTP820, DRAGONWAVE ANTENNA ADAPTER, FOR CAMBIUM, 11 GHZ
169. Cambium Networks N110082L080A N110082L080A PTP 820C, DUAL COUPLER KIT, 10-11 GHZ
170. Cambium Networks N110082L081A N110082L081A PTP820C, DUAL SPLITTER KIT 10-11 GHZ, UBR100
171. Cambium Networks N110082L082A N110082L082A PTP820C, OMT KIT 10-11 GHZ
172. Cambium Networks N110082L084A N110082L084A PTP820, RFU-A 11GHZ L-BEND T1
173. Cambium Networks N110082L086A N110082L086A PTP820, RFU-A 11GHZ SYSTEM HOUSING
174. Cambium Networks N110082L087A N110082L087A PTP820, RFU-A 11GHZ TERMINATION
175. Cambium Networks N110082L090A N110082L090A PTP 820S, RFU-C COUPLER KIT, 10-11 GHZ
176. Cambium Networks N110082L091A N110082L091A PTP820C, RFU-C, 11 GHZ OMT DM KIT
177. Cambium Networks N110082L092A N110082L092A PTP820C, RFU-C, 11 GHZ OMT INTERFACE-, ANDREW
178. Cambium Networks N110082L093A N110082L093A PTP 820S, RFU-C TWIST ADAPTER KIT, 10-11 GHZ
179. Cambium Networks N110082L094A N110082L094A PTP 820S, RFU-C TWIST ADAPTER KIT, 11 GHZ
180. Cambium Networks N110082L103A N110082L103A PTP820C, RFU-C 10-11 GHZ OMT, INTERFACE - RADIOWAVES
181. Cambium Networks N110082L106A N110082L106A PTP820, FLEXIBLE TWIST,WR90,PBR100, 35.0 INCH,CPR90G,10-11 GHZ
182. Cambium Networks N110082L107A N110082L107A PTP820, FLX-HNGR-11GHZ
183. Cambium Networks N110082L113A N110082L113A , RFU-A BRANCHING DRAWER 1+0, SAMPLER, 11-ALL-1W6
184. Cambium Networks N110082L114A N110082L114A , RFU-A BRANCHING DRAWER 1+0, SAMPLER, 11-ALL-7W13
185. Cambium Networks N180082L002A N180082L002A Radiowave Antenna Conversion, 18 GHZ, 2FT
186. Cambium Networks N180082L041A N180082L041A PTP820C, DUAL CORE MD KIT 18GHZ, UBR220
187. Cambium Networks N180082L042A N180082L042A PTP820C, DUAL COUPLER KIT 18GHZ
188. Cambium Networks N180082L043A N180082L043A PTP820C, DUAL SPLITTER KIT 18 GHZ, UBR220
189. Cambium Networks N180082L044A N180082L044A PTP820C, OMT KIT 18 GHZ
190. Cambium Networks N180082L045A N180082L045A PTP820C, SPLITTER KIT 18 GHZ
191. Cambium Networks N180082L046A N180082L046A PTP820C, RFU-C, 18GHZ COUPLER KIT
192. Cambium Networks N180082L047A N180082L047A PTP820C, RFU-C, 18 GHZ OMT DM KIT
193. Cambium Networks N180082L048A N180082L048A PTP820C, RFU-C, 18 GHZ OMT INTERFACE-, ANDREW
194. Cambium Networks N180082L049A N180082L049A PTP820C, RFU-C, 18GHZ TWIST ADAPTOR KIT
195. Cambium Networks N180082L050A N180082L050A PTP820C, SPLITTER KIT 18 GHZ - UBR220
196. Cambium Networks N180082L056A N180082L056A PTP820C, RFU-C, 18 GHZ OMT INTERFACE-, RADIOWAVES
197. Cambium Networks N180082L057A N180082L057A PTP820C, RFU-C, 18 GHZ OMT INTERFACE-, CNT
198. Cambium Networks N180082L058A N180082L058A PTP820, FLEXIBLE TWIST,WR42, 18-26GHZ, PBR220,35"
199. Cambium Networks N180082L059A N180082L059A PTP820, FLX-HNGR-18, 26 GHZ
200. Cambium Networks N230082L031A N230082L031A PTP820C, DUAL CORE MD KIT 23 GHZ, UBR220
201. Cambium Networks N230082L032A N230082L032A PTP820C, DUAL COUPLER KIT 23 GHZ
202. Cambium Networks N230082L033A N230082L033A PTP820C, DUAL SPLITTER KIT 23 GHZ, UBR220
203. Cambium Networks N230082L034A N230082L034A PTP820C, OMT KIT 23 GHZ
204. Cambium Networks N230082L035A N230082L035A PTP820C, SPLITTER KIT 23 GHZ
205. Cambium Networks N230082L036A N230082L036A PTP820C, RFU-C, 23-26 GHZ TWIST ADAPTOR, KIT
206. Cambium Networks N230082L037A N230082L037A PTP820C, RFU-C, 23 GHZ COUPLER KIT
207. Cambium Networks N230082L038A N230082L038A PTP820C, RFU-C, 23 GHZ OMT DM KIT
208. Cambium Networks N230082L039A N230082L039A PTP820C, RFU-C, 23 GHZ OMT INTERFACE -, ANDREW
209. Cambium Networks N230082L040A N230082L040A PTP820C, SPLITTER KIT 23 GHZ - UBR220
210. Cambium Networks N230082L046A N230082L046A PTP820C, RFU-C, 23 GHZ OMT INTERFACE-, RADIOWAVES
211. Cambium Networks N230082L047A N230082L047A PTP820C, RFU-C, 23 GHZ OMT INTERFACE-, CNT
212. Cambium Networks N260082L025A N260082L025A PTP820C, DUAL CORE MD KIT 26 GHZ, UBR220
213. Cambium Networks N260082L026A N260082L026A PTP820C, DUAL COUPLER KIT 26 GHZ
214. Cambium Networks N260082L027A N260082L027A PTP820C, DUAL SPLITTER KIT 26 GHZ, UBR220
215. Cambium Networks N260082L028A N260082L028A PTP820C, OMT KIT 26 GHZ
216. Cambium Networks N260082L029A N260082L029A PTP820C, SPLITTER KIT 26 GHZ
217. Cambium Networks N260082L030A N260082L030A PTP820C, RFU-C, 26 GHZ COUPLER KIT
218. Cambium Networks N260082L031A N260082L031A PTP820C, RFU-C, 26 GHZ OMT DM KIT
219. Cambium Networks N260082L032A N260082L032A PTP820C, RFU-C, 26 GHZ OMT INTERFACE -, ANDREW
220. Cambium Networks N260082L038A N260082L038A PTP820C, RFU-C, 26 GHZ OMT INTERFACE-, RADIOWAVES
221. Cambium Networks N260082L039A N260082L039A PTP820C, RFU-C, 26 GHZ OMT INTERFACE-, CNT
222. Cambium Networks N280082L034A N280082L034A PTP820C, DUAL CORE MD KIT 28 GHZ, UBR320
223. Cambium Networks N280082L035A N280082L035A PTP820C, DUAL COUPLER KIT 28 GHZ
224. Cambium Networks N280082L036A N280082L036A PTP820C, DUAL SPLITTER KIT 28 GHZ, UBR320
225. Cambium Networks N280082L037A N280082L037A PTP820C, OMT KIT 28 GHZ
226. Cambium Networks N280082L038A N280082L038A PTP820C, SPLITTER KIT 28 GHZ
227. Cambium Networks N280082L039A N280082L039A PTP820C, RFU-C, 28-32 GHZ TWIST ADAPTOR, KIT
228. Cambium Networks N280082L040A N280082L040A PTP820C, RFU-C, 28 GHZ COUPLER KIT
229. Cambium Networks N280082L041A N280082L041A PTP820C, RFU-C, 28 GHZ OMT DM KIT
230. Cambium Networks N280082L042A N280082L042A PTP820C, RFU-C, 28 GHZ OMT INTERFACE -, ANDREW
231. Cambium Networks N280082L046A N280082L046A PTP820C, RFU-C, 28 GHZ OMT INTERFACE-, RADIOWAVES
232. Cambium Networks N280082L047A N280082L047A PTP820C, RFU-C, 28 GHZ OMT INTERFACE-, CNT
233. Cambium Networks N320082L023A N320082L023A PTP820C, RFU-C, 32 GHZ COUPLER KIT
234. Cambium Networks N320082L024A N320082L024A PTP820C, RFU-C, 32 GHZ OMT DM KIT
235. Cambium Networks N320082L025A N320082L025A PTP820C, RFU-C, 32 GHZ OMT INTERFACE -, ANDREW
236. Cambium Networks N320082L030A N320082L030A PTP820C, RFU-C, 32 GHZ OMT INTERFACE-, CNT
237. Cambium Networks N380082L042A N380082L042A PTP820C, DUAL CORE MD KIT 38 GHZ, UBR320
238. Cambium Networks N380082L043A N380082L043A PTP820C, DUAL COUPLER KIT 38 GHZ
239. Cambium Networks N380082L044A N380082L044A PTP820C, DUAL SPLITTER KIT 38 GHZ, UBR320
240. Cambium Networks N380082L045A N380082L045A PTP820C, OMT KIT 38 GHZ
241. Cambium Networks N380082L046A N380082L046A PTP820C, SPLITTER KIT 38 GHZ
242. Cambium Networks N380082L047A N380082L047A PTP820C, RFU-C, 38 GHZ COUPLER KIT
243. Cambium Networks N380082L048A N380082L048A PTP820C, RFU-C, 38 GHZ OMT DM KIT
244. Cambium Networks N380082L049A N380082L049A PTP820C, RFU-C, 38 GHZ OMT INTERFACE -, ANDREW
245. Cambium Networks N380082L050A N380082L050A PTP820C, RFU-C, 38 GHZ TWIST ADAPTOR, KIT
246. Cambium Networks N380082L054A N380082L054A PTP820C, RFU-C, 38 GHZ OMT INTERFACE-, RADIOWAVES
247. Cambium Networks N380082L055A N380082L055A PTP820C, RFU-C, 38 GHZ OMT INTERFACE-, CNT
248. Cambium Networks WB3486H WB3486H PTP800, CMU/PTP-SYNC, 19" RACK MNT INSTALLATION KIT
249. Cambium Networks WB3616H WB3616H coax installation assembly kit, (W/O LPU END KIT)
250. Cambium Networks WB3806H WB3806H 1+1 optical Y-splitter kit, (INC SFP MODULES -850NM)
251. Cambium Networks WB3807H WB3807H 1+1 Out-of-band splitter kit, PER END
252. DragonWave A-CAB-CPA-30-R1 ACABCPA30R1 Horizon Compact +, COPPER CABLE, CAT5E, 30 METERS
253. DragonWave A-CAB-CPA-60-R1 ACABCPA60R1 Horizon Compact +, COPPER CABLE, CAT5E, 60 METERS
255. DragonWave A-SPA-FAN-HQ ASPAFANHQ Horizon Quantum, SPARE MODEM FAN
256. DragonWave T555PIDO.02 T555PIDO.02 Harmony Eband, POWER INJECTOR 2 ETHERNET, OUTDOOR
257. DragonWave T559LKFE2BW.00 T559LKFE2BW.00 Harmony Eband, 2+0 SUPPORT
258. DragonWave T559LKFEAAM.00 T559LKFEAAM.00 Harmony Eband, ADAPTIVE MODULATION
259. DragonWave T559LKFEBAC.00 T559LKFEBAC.00 Harmony Eband, BANDWIDTH ACCELERATOR
260. DragonWave T559LKFESEC.00 T559LKFESEC.00 Harmony Eband, SECURITY PACKAGE
261. DragonWave T559SWB010.00 T559SWB010.00 Harmony Eband, BASIC SOFTWARE R1.0
263. NEC Corporation of America 13820-041 13820041 iPasolink tributary card, 63 X DS1 INTERFACE CARD
264. NEC Corporation of America 13820-051 13820051 iPasolink tributary card, 6 X DS3 INTERFACE CARD
265. NEC Corporation of America 13820-071 13820071 iPasolink tributary card, 8 X OC3 (E/W 2XIR1 SFP), INTERFACE CARD
266. NEC Corporation of America 13820-072 13820072 iPasolink tributary card, 8 X OC3 (E/W 2XLR1 SFP), INTERFACE CARD
267. NEC Corporation of America 13820-073 13820073 iPasolink tributary card, 8 X OC3 (E/W 2XLR2 SFP), INTERFACE CARD
268. NEC Corporation of America 13820-0AL 138200AL iPasolink 250 (Ctrl-A), CONTROL CARD (2GBE, 1000BASE, -LX+16DS1
269. NEC Corporation of America 13820-0AS 138200AS iPasolink 250 (Ctrl-A), CONTROL CARD (2GBE, 1000BASE, -SX+16DS1
270. NEC Corporation of America 13820-0AT 138200AT iPasolink 250 (Ctrl-A), CONTROL CARD (2GBE 10/100/1000, BASET+16DS1
271. NEC Corporation of America 13820-0B0 138200B0 Pasolink 650, MAIN B CONTROL CARD (2GBE +, 16DS1) GBE & SFP NOT INCLUDED
272. NEC Corporation of America 13820-0BL 138200BL iPasolink 250/650 (Ctrl-B), CONTROL CARD (2GBE, 1000BASE, -LX+16DS1
273. NEC Corporation of America 13820-0BS 138200BS iPasolink 250/650 (Ctrl-B), CONTROL CARD (2GBE, 1000BASE, -SX+16DS1
274. NEC Corporation of America 13820-0BT 138200BT iPasolink 250/650 (Ctrl-B), CONTROL CARD (2GBE 10/100/1000, BASET+16DS1
275. NEC Corporation of America 13820-101 13820101 iPasolink 250, POWER SUPPLY -48VDC, (-40.5 TO -57 VDC)
276. NEC Corporation of America 13820-111 13820111 iPasolink 650, POWER SUPPLY -48VDC, (-40.5 TO -57 VDC) FOR MODEM
277. NEC Corporation of America 13820-121 13820121 iPasolink 250, SPARE FAN UNIT
278. NEC Corporation of America 13820-131 13820131 iPasolink 650, SPARE FAN UNIT
279. NEC Corporation of America 13820-141 13820141 iPasolink 250, SPARE FILTER UNIT
280. NEC Corporation of America 13820-151 13820151 iPasolink 650, SPARE FILTER UNIT
281. NEC Corporation of America 13820-161 13820161 iPasolink, BLANK COVER FOR MAIN/TRIB SLOT
282. NEC Corporation of America 13820-162 13820162 iPasolink, BLANK COVER FOR PS SLOT
283. NEC Corporation of America 13820-163 13820163 iPasolink, BLANK COVER FOR MODEM SLOT
284. NEC Corporation of America 13820-SI1 13820SI1 iPasolink, SFP MODULE OC3 IR1, SM, 15KM, LC DUPLEX, 1310NM
285. NEC Corporation of America 13820-SL1 13820SL1 iPasolink, SFP MODULE OC3 LR1,SM, 40KM, LC DUPLEX, 1310NM
286. NEC Corporation of America 13820-SL2 13820SL2 iPasolink, SFP MODULE OC3 LR2, SM, 80KM, LC DUPLEX, 1310NM
287. NEC Corporation of America 13820-SLX 13820SLX iPasolink, SFP MODULE 1000BASE-LX
288. NEC Corporation of America 13820-SPC 13820SPC iPasolink, SFP PLASTIC COVER
289. NEC Corporation of America 13820-SSX 13820SSX iPasolink, SFP MODULE 1000BASE-SX, DUPLEX LC, MM, UP TO 500 METER
290. NEC Corporation of America 13820-ST2 13820ST2 iPasolink 250, MPLS-TP SOFTWARE LICENSE KEY
291. NEC Corporation of America 13820-ST3 13820ST3 iPasolink 650, MPLS-TP SOFTWARE LICENSE KEY
292. NEC Corporation of America 13820-ST4 13820ST4 iPasolink 650, CARRIER GRADE KEY FOR Q IN Q/, SYNC, ETHERNET/ETHERNET LINE
293. NEC Corporation of America 13820-STX 13820STX iPasolink, SFP MODULE 10/100/1000BASE-T, COPPER RJ45 INTERFACE
294. NEC Corporation of America 19000-001 19000001 iPasolink EX, 1+1 SYMMETRIC COUPLER (HYBRID)
295. NEC Corporation of America 19000-002 19000002 iPasolink EX, 1+1 ASYMMETRIC COUPLER, (COUPLER)
296. NEC Corporation of America 400-SW0000043-S 400SW0000043S iPasolink 250/650, NMS & EMS BUNDLE, 25 MSW, REQUIRES LICENSE & SW MAINT PK
297. NEC Corporation of America 55289-001 55289001 iPasolink 100E, CLOCK CARD (CLK2M-C), REQUIRES SK-ETH007
298. NEC Corporation of America 60926-001 60926001 iPasolink 100E, 1000BASE-SX SFP MODULE, GLOBAL
299. NEC Corporation of America 60926-002 60926002 iPasolink EX, 1000BASE-LX SFP MODULE, GLOBAL
300. NEC Corporation of America 60926-003 60926003 iPasolink 100E, 10/100/1000BASE-T SFP, MODULE - GLOBAL
301. NEC Corporation of America 76669-001 76669001 iPasolink 100E, DESKTOP MOUNT KIT
302. NEC Corporation of America 80301-001 80301001 iPasolink EX, RADIO CAPACITY INTIAL KEY, 1200 MBPS
303. NEC Corporation of America 80302-001 80302001 iPasolink EX, RADIO CAPACITY INTIAL KEY, 1400 MBPS
304. NEC Corporation of America 80303-001 80303001 iPasolink EX, RADIO CAPACITY INTIAL KEY, 1600 MBPS
305. NEC Corporation of America A-033800-001 A033800001 iPasolink, POLE MOUNT BRACKET, 6 GHZ
306. NEC Corporation of America A-033803-001 A033803001 iPasolink, TRANSDUCER, 6 GHZ, PDR70/N
307. NEC Corporation of America A-046161-002 A046161002 iPasolink 250/650, 18/23 GHZ MOUNTING BRACKET, W/ WAVEGUIDE ADAPTOR PBR220
308. NEC Corporation of America A-046161-006 A046161006 iPasolink 250/650, 11 GHZ MOUNTING BRACKET, W/ WAVEGUIDE ADAPTOR PDR100
309. NEC Corporation of America A-052813-001 A052813001 iPasolink, HYBRID COMBINER, 18 GHZ, -3 DB, R220/R220
310. NEC Corporation of America A-054935-001 A054935001 iPasolink, HYBRID COMBINER, 23 GHZ, -3 DB, R220/R220
311. NEC Corporation of America A-65288-003 A65288003 iPasolink 250/650, AMR MODEM CARD
312. NEC Corporation of America A-65288-004 A65288004 iPasolink 250/650 with AES, AMR MODEM AH CARD
313. NEC Corporation of America A-A00086-001 AA00086001 iPASOLINK EX ADVANCED, POWER UNIT
314. NEC Corporation of America ARM-030817-TA ARM030817TA iPasolink, 19" DUAL ODU/SINGLE HYBRID, RACK MOUNT BRACKET
315. NEC Corporation of America CBK-004360 CBK004360 iPasolink AX Series, FULLAX FIELD INSTALL ASSEMBLY, 0.5 M REQUIRED FOR GBE TRAFF
317. NEC Corporation of America G9051A G9051A iPasolink, HYBRID COMBINER, 11 GHZ, -3 DB, R100/R100
318. NEC Corporation of America G9380A G9380A iPasolink OMT coupler, FOR SPLIT TYPE ODU'S, XPIC, 11 GHZ, R100/R100
319. NEC Corporation of America G9383A G9383A iPasolink OMT coupler, FOR SPLIT TYPE ODU'S, XPIC, 18 GHZ, R220/R220
320. NEC Corporation of America G9384A G9384A iPasolink OMT coupler, FOR SPLIT TYPE ODU'S, XPIC, 23 GHZ, R220/R220
321. NEC Corporation of America G9390C G9390C iPasolink, HYBRID COMBINER, L6 GHZ, -3 DB, N/UDR70
322. NEC Corporation of America H1558A H1558A iPasolink, COUPLER, 6 GHZ, -10 DB
323. NEC Corporation of America H1559A H1559A iPasolink, COUPLER, 11 GHZ, -10 DB
324. NEC Corporation of America H1563A H1563A iPasolink, COUPLER, 23 GHZ, -10 DB
325. NEC Corporation of America M-005462-NP M005462NP iPasolink 250/650, XPIC CABLE FOR 1+0
326. NEC Corporation of America M-005462-RP M005462RP iPasolink 650, XPIC CABLE FOR 1+1
327. NEC Corporation of America M-059435-001 M059435001 iPASOLINK EX ADVANCED, MOUNTING BRACKET
328. NEC Corporation of America NEC248-30 NEC24830 all indoor TRP, POWER PIGTAIL, 30 FT
329. NEC Corporation of America NEC249-2M NEC2492M IDU, RG-8, 90D/N-TNC(M), 2 METER
330. NEC Corporation of America NEC255-30 NEC25530 iPasolink/NLITE-N, CABLE, DSI TRIBUTARY, 30 FT
331. NEC Corporation of America NEC259-030 NEC259030 iPasolink, POWER CABLE 30 FT
332. NEC Corporation of America NWA-052814 NWA052814 iPasolink, COUPLER, 18 GHZ, -10 DB
333. NEC Corporation of America NWD-127498 NWD127498 iPasolink 250, TECHNICAL MANUAL, CD ROM
334. NEC Corporation of America NWD-138129 NWD138129 iPasolink, TECHNICAL MANUAL
335. NEC Corporation of America SK-ETH01E SKETH01E iPasolink EX, LAG AND LACP FOR ETHERNET, LINE
336. NEC Corporation of America SK-ETH02E SKETH02E iPasolink EX, ETHERNET OAM (CC/LT/LB)
337. NEC Corporation of America SK-ETH03E SKETH03E iPasolink EX, ETHERNET OAM (LM/DM)
338. NEC Corporation of America SK-ETH04E SKETH04E iPasolink EX, MSTP
339. NEC Corporation of America SK-ETH05E SKETH05E iPasolink EX, ETHERNET OAM (LINK)
340. NEC Corporation of America SK-SYS01E SKSYS01E iPasolink EX, RADIO DEDUNDANCY (1+1)
341. NEC Corporation of America SK-SYS02E SKSYS02E iPasolink EX, RADIO TRAFFIC AGGREGATION
342. NEC Corporation of America SK-SYS03E SKSYS03E iPasolink EX, XPIC FUNCTION
343. NEC Corporation of America SK-SYS04E SKSYS04E iPasolink EX, ADVANCED HEADER COMPRESSION
345. RADWIN RW-9921-0110 RW99210110 Radwin radios, OUTDOOR DC POE DEVICE, POWER RANGE 10-60 VDC

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