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No. Product Description Price
1. ARC Wireless IE-1001K02 IE1001K02 IES enclosure, IES ANT W/ ABS BRACKET & HDW
2. CommScope 7543994 7543994 clamp for Cell-Max, OMNI IN-BUILDING ANTENNAS
3. Comprod BSMO-150 BSMO150 antenna adapter, VHF MOBILE TO BASE STATION
4. Comtelco BSMNT1 BSMNT1 mounting kit, OMNI ANT W/1.35" OD
5. Comtelco BSMNT2 BSMNT2 mounting kit, BS SERIES OMNI ANTENNA
6. Huber+Suhner 9091.99.0096 9091.99.0096 mounting bracket, OPTIMA ANTENNAS - CEILING
7. Kathrein/Scala 772-000 772000 radome mounting kit, HOSE CLAMPS & SEALING COMPOUND
8. Kathrein/Scala 840-10411 84010411 downtilt remote control cable, 25 M 8-PIN CONTROL CABLE
9. Laird 5200225 5200225 mount kit, OD24-12, -9
10. Laird FM1 FM1 stainless steel U bolt mount-2, VERTICAL ANT TO MAX 1-7/8 MAST
11. Laird FM2 FM2 heavy duty base & 2 brackets, VOYAGER ANTENNAS
12. Laird GRO GRO rubber boot only, MAGNET MOUNT
13. Laird LABH2400NN LABH2400NN base station lightning arrest, 2.4 GHZ, BULKHEAD N TO N
14. Laird LABH350NN LABH350NN base station lightning arrest, VHF - 2.4 GHZ N(F) BULKHEAD
15. Laird LAIL350NN LAIL350NN in-line lightning arrestor, N TO N CONNECTOR
16. Laird MAP76003 MAP76003 cap, PORTABLE ANTENNAS
17. Laird MBCN MBCN mobile to base converter, VHF & UHF ANT - N TERMINATED
18. Laird Technologies 52002032 52002032 hardware kit, PA24-19 ANTENNA
19. Laird Technologies IASFST10 IASFST10 installation tape & strips, MOUNTAINEER SERIES, 10" (6 PK)
20. Laird Technologies MXADPT MXADPT adapter, MX STYLE ANTENNAS
21. Mobile Mark ODR9-2400K ODR92400K add on reflector kit, 9 DBI 2.4 GHZ OD SERIES ANT
22. Mobile Mark ODR9-2400T180K ODR92400T180K add on reflector kit, 9DBI 2.4GHZ OD SERIES ANT.
23. NCG-MB-100 MB100 mast bracket, SF SERIES ANTENNAS
24. Newmar CS-201 CS201 antenna/coax switch, 1OF 2 ANTENNAS TO 1 RADIO
25. Panorama SAB-070HB SAB070HB glass hinge adapter, M8 BASE
26. Panorama SAB-181 SAB181 NMO adapter, NMO MOUNT
27. Panorama SR7-185 SR7185 adhesive mount pads, GPSB ANTENNA
28. PCTEL FPM-1001 FPM1001 mount kit, CPE, FLAT PANEL
29. PCTEL K-44//5PCK K445PCK complete snap-in mount, 1/4 WAVE ROOFTOP ANT (5 PCK)
30. PCTEL K93001/10PCK K9300110PCK glass remount tape, MOBILE ANTENNAS
31. PCTEL MK20 MK20 cable option, MLB3001- 20' CABLE W/PL259
32. PCTEL PCT-LP001-NF PCTLP001NF surge/lightning arrestor, N(F) TO N(F)
33. Pulse Larsen Antennas BA BA bulkhead mount adapter, BULKHEAD MOUNTS
34. Pulse Larsen Antennas BATT BOLT BATTBOLT battery bolt terminal, TERMINAL & 3/8" RING LEAD
35. Pulse Larsen Antennas DASCLINSERT DASCLINSERT Clarity installation adapter, DAS CEILING MOUNT ANTENNAS
36. Pulse Larsen Antennas KG-UHF-UD-I/S KGUHFUDIS inside coupler w/coax, KG-UHF
37. Pulse Larsen Antennas OCBRACKET OCBRACKET 3" mounting bracket, OMNI CEILING OR WALL MOUNT ANT
38. Radio Waves 100074-2A 1000742A replacement reflector, SP2/ SPD2
39. Radio Waves 100780-1 1007801 mounting kit, SP3 ANTENNAS - 3 FT
40. RFS Cablewave 20040740 20040740 Antenna Component, SHROUD SAD 06 C1 2 100% HBF 3P
41. RFS Cablewave 311978-002 311978002 hardware kit, 8' RADOME REPLACEMENT KIT
42. RFS Cablewave 341075 341075 Antenna Component, RAD PLNR 6FT TCFG WHITE
43. RFS Cablewave 342373 342373 Antenna Component, REFL ASSY 6FT 014
44. RFS Cablewave SMA-SK-4 SMASK4 perimeter sway bar, 4' PARABOLIC ANTENNA, SB4&SBX4
45. RFS Cablewave SMA-SK-60-2000A SMASK602000A sway bar kit, 6' REFLECTOR
46. RFS Cablewave SMA-SK-60-3000A SMASK603000A sway bar kit, 8-12FT REFLECTOR
47. RFS Cablewave SMA-SKO-UNIV-L SMASKOUNIVL sway bar kit, 6' - 15' ANTENNAS W/O DRILLING
48. RFS Celwave ACU-A20-S ACUA20S RET antenna control unit, OPTIMIZER RT REMOTE ANTENNAS
49. RFS Celwave N275F N275F universal mast mount, TOP OF SUPP. PIPE 1-3/8-1-1/2"
51. West Crystal AT6-3/4GPS AT634GPS 3/4" HD universal L-bracket, PCTEL GPS ANTENNAS
52. Wilson Electronics 859927 859927 attenuator signal, 20 DB, N(F)

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