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No. Product Description Price
1. Amphenol Connex 47-20025 4720025 die set, LMR-195
2. RF Industries CSE-4005 CSE4005 case, RFI-4005
3. RF Industries CSE-4013 CSE4013 case, RFA-4013 KIT - SILKSCREENED
4. RF Industries RFA-4005-01 RFA400501 die set, RFA-4005-20,RFA-4005
5. RF Industries RFA-4005-02 RFA400502 die set, RFA-4005-20,RFA-4005
6. RF Industries RFA-4005-04 RFA400504 die set, RFA-4005-20,RFA-4005
7. RF Industries RFA-4005-06 RFA400506 die set, RFA-4005-20,RFA-4005
8. RF Industries RFA-4005-07 RFA400507 die set, RFA-4005-20,RFA-4005
9. RF Industries RFA-4005-08 RFA400508 die set, RFA-4005-20,RFA-4005
10. RF Industries RFA-4005-09 RFA400509 die set, RFA-4005-20,RFA-4005
11. RF Industries RFA-4005-10 RFA400510 die set, RFA-4005-20,RFA-4005
12. RF Industries RFA-4005-12 RFA400512 die set, RFA-4005-20,RFA-4005
13. RF Industries RFA-4005-14 RFA400514 die set, RFA-4005-20,RFA-4005
14. RF Industries RFA-4005-15 RFA400515 die set, RFA-4005-20,RFA-4005
15. RF Industries RFA-4005-17 RFA400517 die set, RFA-4005-20,RFA-4005
16. RF Industries RFA-4005-21 RFA400521 die set, RFA-4005-20,RFA-4005
17. RF Industries RFA-4005-24 RFA400524 die set, INSULATED TEMINALS 22 GA-12 GA
18. RF Industries RFA-4005-27 RFA400527 die set, RFA-4005-20,RFA-4005
19. RF Industries RFA-4005-307 RFA4005307 die set, RFA-4005-20, RFA-4005-07
20. RF Industries RFA-4009-01 RFA400901 die set, RFA-4009-20, RFA-4009
21. RF Industries RFA-4009-03 RFA400903 die set, RFA-4009-20, RFA-4009
22. RF Industries RFA-4009-04 RFA400904 die set, RFA-4009-20, RFA-4009
23. RF Industries RFA-4009-05 RFA400905 die set, RFA-4009-20, RFA-4009
24. RF Industries RFA-4009-06 RFA400906 die set, RFA-4009-20, RFA-4009
25. RFS Cablewave FDIE-C105 FDIEC105 flanging dies, E105 EP105 WAVEGUIDE - COMPACT
26. RFS Cablewave FDIE-C130 FDIEC130 flanging dies, E130, EP130 WAVEGUIDE-COMPACT
27. RFS Cablewave FDIE-C150 FDIEC150 flanging dies, E150, EP150 WAVEGUIDE-COMPACT
28. Times Microwave Y102 Y102 crimp die, LMR-300
29. Times Microwave Y151 Y151 crimp die, LMR-500
30. Times Microwave Y1719 Y1719 crimp die, LMR-400
31. Times Microwave Y1720 Y1720 crimp die, LMR-600
32. Times Microwave Y197 Y197 crimp die, LMR-195 & LMR-200
33. Times Microwave Y375 Y375 crimp die, LMR-240

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