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RFS Celwave 340-1

Product Description

3401 150-162 MHz, 8.1DBI OMNI/11.1 DBI OFFSET GAIN, DIPOLE, N(M)

\fs16 These broadband antennas provide both omnidirectional and offset configurations. The 340 is twice the size of the 440 and uses four dipoles arranged for either 6 dBd omni or 9 dBd offset. Thismodel is field adjustable for omni or offset patterns, has a full 12 MHz bandwidth and is available in frequencies 150-162 MHz, 162-174 MHz and 275-285 MHz.

List US$ 1,180.00

Part No.: CLW-340-1
Uom: Each

Additional Information


Technical Specifications

alpha frequencyVHF
horizontal beamwidth (deg)360 deg
mounting hdw. included (Y/N)Y
maximum power input (W)500W
lightning protectionDC ground
vertical tilt (deg)0 deg
# of dipoles4
gain8.1dBi omni/11.1 dBi offset
frequency (bandwidth)150-162 MHz
wind survival w/o ice (MPH)100 MPH
vertical beamwidth (deg)16 deg
Weight82 LB
Warranty3 years
Shipping *Heavy Freight

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