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Trylon 5.939.0031.002

Product Description

5.939.0031.002 transmission line bracket, 11" OD ROUND/ 8" ANGLE,16 RUN, SNAP-IN/ BUTTERFL

\fs20 Trylon's T-Style Transmission Line Brackets were specifically designed to mount directly to any type or sized tower leg. Three sizes are available covering numerous leg options. These brackets may be attached to pipes up to 11" OD, or angles up to 8" (60\'b0or 90\'b0) in size.The three sizes (small, medium and large) are available in three versions to match your specific line requirements. The shortest option can accommodate 8 runs of 3/4" snap-in hangers or 7/16" butterfly hangers, the middle version can handle 16 runs, whereas the longest option offers 24 runs. These brackets provide unique flexibility for your changing needs and can be installed either inside or outside the tower leg to avoid nagging obstacles such as tower bracing, leg flanges, or splices. All steel is hot dip galvanized to withstand the elements.

List US$ 50.00

Part No.: TRY-5.939.0031.002
Uom: Each

Additional Information


Technical Specifications

typetransmission line bracket
description11" OD round/ 8" angle,16 run
snap-in/ butterfly hangers
Weight25 LB
Warranty1 year
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