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Note the following regarding searches:
  • A query can include up to 255 characters.
  • The search engine processes case insensitive searches. For example, a search for black and BLACK will return the same results.
  • Unless in a phrase, a search for the following common words will not be processed: a, about, an, and, are, as, at, be, by, for, from, how, in, is, it, of, on, or, that, the, this, to, was, what, when, where, which, who, will, and with. Note you will be reminded of the words that have not been processed in the search warnings just above the displayed search results.
  • To search on an exact phrase, place quotation marks around the words you want searched together. Or enter the words in the above "with the exact phrase" entry area.
  • When searching for a phrase and the Wildcard Search checkbox is selected, a wildcard search is done for each word in the the phrase. For example, a search for "red pro" would locate products with the description "redundantly protected" and "reduced profile".
  • When searches are initiated from the standard search box that is located in the top-right corner of most pages, the wildcard search option is automatically used.
  • Hyphens (-) are not required when you search for a part number. For example, searches for "abc-123" and "abc123" will both find the product with the part number "abc-123".
  • By default, results are returned that include all search terms. There is no need to include "and" between terms.