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No. Product Description Price
1. PanaVise 100106B 100106B Wall/ceiling speaker mount, MOBILE, PA SYSTEMS, INPUT(S)
2. Speco P-40A P40A 40W RMS PA amplifier, MOBILE, PA SYSTEMS, 2 INPUT(S)
3. Speco PAT-20TB PAT20TB 20W mobile PA amplifier, 10W, MOBILE, PA SYSTEMS, 1 INPUT(S)
4. Speco PBM-30 PBM30 PA amplifier, 30W RMS, MOBILE, PA SYSTEMS, 3 INPUT(S)
5. Speco PL-260A PL260A seven zone commercial, 260W, MOBILE, PA SYSTEMS, 8 INPUT(S)
6. Speco PMM-60A PMM60A 60W RMS PA mixer amplifier, 60W, MOBILE, PA SYSTEMS, 6 INPUT(S)
7. Zetron 901-9334 9019334 Model 1516 alarm via radio, N/A, MOBILE, PA SYSTEMS, 8 INPUT(S)

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