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No. Product Description Price
1. Ameresco 190J 190J 24 VDC output voltage (VDC), 190W WATTS (W), 5.0A OUTPUT CURRENT (A), SOLAR, MODULES
2. Ameresco 20M 20M 12 Volts output voltage (VDC), 20W WATTS (W), 1.16 AMPS OUTPUT CURRENT (A), SOLAR, MOD
3. Ameresco 60J 60J 17.9 Volts output voltage (VDC, 60W WATTS (W), 3.35 AMPS OUTPUT CURRENT (A), SOLAR, MO
4. Ameresco 90J 90J 12 Volts output voltage (VDC), 90W WATTS (W), 5.03 AMPS OUTPUT CURRENT (A), SOLAR, MOD
5. Ameresco PS310P-24/T PS310P24T 24 VDC output voltage (VDC), 310W WATTS (W), 15 AMPS OUTPUT CURRENT (A), SOLAR,
6. Ameresco VLS-5W VLS5W 12 Volts output voltage (VDC), 5W WATTS (W), 29 AMPS, WITH 15' CABLE OUTPUT CURRENT
7. Direct Power & Water 1-500 1500 36.2 Volts output voltage (VDC, 185W WATTS (W), 5.66 AMPS OUTPUT CURRENT (A), SOLAR,
8. SunWize 103000SW40 103000SW40 12 output voltage (VDC), 40 WATTS (W), 2.4 OUTPUT CURRENT (A), SOLAR, MODULES
9. SunWize 152ACCC40 152ACCC40 12/24/48 VDC output voltage (V, 110W WATTS (W), 40 AMPS OUTPUT CURRENT (A), SOLA

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