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Towers : Site Hardware : Cable Support System
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No. Product Description Price
1. CommScope MTC9906 MTC9906 2' x 6' custom, CABLE LADDER COVER, FOR WAVEGUIDE SUPPORT
2. Kenwood Telecom T3206MT T3206MT roof sleeper, ROOF MOUNT ACCESSORIES, 8" LONG, NO HOLES, CABLE RUN ON ROOFTOP
3. Kenwood Telecom T3812KT2Z T3812KT2Z trapeze kits, 12", 14 RUNS OF CABLE, 2 TIER
4. Kenwood Telecom T3824KT1Z T3824KT1Z trapeze kits, 24", 1 LEVE, Z-STYLE FOR 14 RUNS, BRIDGE
5. Trylon 5.939.0182.004 5.939.0182.004 (4) 1/2" x 18" L, WEDGE ANCHORS, FOR WAVEGUIDE BRIDGE

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