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No. Product Description Price
1. CommScope CPT-BK12U CPTBK12U replacement blades, CPT-12U
2. GRA-L160 L160 Handle Clamp, MOLD AROUND CONDUCTOR
3. Huber+Suhner 74Z-0-0-346 74Z00346 replacement blades, 3/8", 1/2" - STRIPPING JACKET
4. Huber+Suhner 74Z-0-0-349 74Z00349 replacement blades
5. JMA Wireless COR12PL COR12PL penum coring bit, SP-12PL PREP TOOL
6. JMA Wireless CORULDF4D CORULDF4D UXP connector coring bit, SP-12-LDF4D UNIVERSAL
7. JMA Wireless HCG-FRAMESET-1/2 HCGFRAMESET12 press frame, 1/2" INSERTS FOR HCG-CC
8. JMA Wireless HCG-FRAMESET-1/4 HCGFRAMESET14 press frame, 1/4" INSERTS FOR HCG-CC
9. JMA Wireless HCG-FRAMESET-114 HCGFRAMESET114 press frame, 1-1/4" INSERTS FOR HCG-CC
10. JMA Wireless HCG-FRAMESET-158 HCGFRAMESET158 press frame, 1-5/8" INSERTS FOR HCG-CC
11. JMA Wireless HCG-FRAMESET-78 HCGFRAMESET78 press frame, 7/8" INSERTS FOR HCG-CC
12. JMA Wireless HCG-INSERTA-1/2 HCGINSERTA12 replacement insert (DIN), 1/2" TYPE A FOR HCG-CC
13. JMA Wireless HCG-INSERTB-1/2 HCGINSERTB12 replacement insert (N), 1/2" TYPE B FOR HCG-CC
14. JMA Wireless HCG-INSERTC-1/2 HCGINSERTC12 replacement insert, 1/2" TYPE C FOR MINI 7/16 DIN
15. JMA Wireless HCG-INSERTD-1/2 HCGINSERTD12 replacement insert, 1/2" TYPE D FOR MINI 7/16 DIN
16. JMA Wireless RBK-SP-1/2-LDF4D RBKSP12LDF4D replacement blades, SP-1/2-LDF4D
17. JMA Wireless RBK-SP-114 RBKSP114 replacement blades, SP-114
18. JMA Wireless RBK-SP-12PL RBKSP12PL replacement blades, SP-12PL PREP TOOL
19. JMA Wireless RBK-SP-12S/PL RBKSP12SPL replacement blades, SP-12S/PL
20. JMA Wireless RBK-SP-14S RBKSP14S replacement blades, SP-14S
21. JMA Wireless RBK-SP-158 RBKSP158 replacement blades, SP-158
22. JMA Wireless RBK-SP-78FX RBKSP78FX replacement blades, SP-78FX
23. JMA Wireless RBK-SP-78PL RBKSP78PL replacement blades, SP-78PL PREP TOOL
24. JMA Wireless RPK-SP-1/2-LDF4D RPKSP12LDF4D complete parts kit, SP-1/2-LDF4-DR
25. JMA Wireless RPK-SP-12PL RPKSP12PL complete parts kit, SP-158
26. JMA Wireless RPK-SP-158 RPKSP158 complete parts kit, SP-12PL
27. JMA Wireless SP-CC SPCC center conductor prep tool, PPC CONNECTORS
28. PerfectVision Mfg PVCM4-TM PVCM4TM replacement ends - bag of 4, CABLE MAPPER TESTER
29. RF Industries RC400-50 RC40050 replacement blades, 400 TYPE PREP TOOL, 50 OHM
30. RF Industries RFA-4017 RFA4017 technicians cable tester, CABLE TESTER WITH 16 ADAPTERS:
31. RF Industries RFA-4017-01 RFA401701 technicians cable tester, BNC TERMINATION TESTER
32. RF Industries RFA-4086-R03 RFA4086R03 replacement blades, RFA-4086-003
33. RF Industries RFA-4086-R08 RFA4086R08 replacement blades, RFA-4086-008
34. RF Industries RFA-4087-R14 RFA4087R14 replacement blades, 6 FOR RFA-4087 CABLE STIPPER
35. RF Industries RFA-4211 RFA4211 strip, cut and crimp tool kit, 4 & 6 PHONE MODULAR PLUGS
36. RF Industries RFA-4220 RFA4220 assembly & test Kit, CAT5
37. RF Industries RFA-4400-01C RFA440001C replacement cartridge blade, RFA-4400-01 TOOL - LMR-400
38. RFS Cablewave P2000-003 P2000003 injection gun for plast 2000, CONNECTORS
39. RFS Cablewave TRIM-B09 TRIMB09 replacement blades, TRIM-12L PREP TOOL
40. RFS Cablewave TRIM-B13 TRIMB13 spare blades, TRIM-LCF12-D01-A MAIN
41. RFS Cablewave TRIM-B14 TRIMB14 spare blades, TRIM-LCF12-D01-A JACKET
42. RFS Cablewave TRIM-B15 TRIMB15 spare blades, TRIM-LCF78-D01-A MAIN
43. RFS Cablewave TRIM-B16 TRIMB16 spare blades, TRIM-LCF78-D01-A JACKET
44. RFS Cablewave TRIM-B17 TRIMB17 spare blades, TRIM-LCF114-D01-A
45. RFS Cablewave TRIM-B27 TRIMB27 spare blades, SCF12-D01-A
46. RFS Cablewave TRIM-B28 TRIMB28 spare jacket blades, SCF12-D01-A
47. RFS Cablewave TRIM-B30 TRIMB30 spare jacket blades, LCF12-D01-A
48. RFS Cablewave TRIM-IL12-D01 TRIMIL12D01 insert for universal trimming, 1/2" LCF CABLE TOOL
49. SAI-541211 541211 4 pkg replacement blades, 521201 PREP TOOL
50. SAI-541212 541212 4 pkg replacement blades, 541202 PREP TOOL
51. Times Microwave 3190-1363 31901363 13/16" open-end adapter, BREAK-OVER TORQUE WRENCH
52. Times Microwave 3190-1733 31901733 12" open-end adapter-green, BREAK-OVER TORQUE WRENCH
53. Times Microwave RB-02 RB02 replacement blade kit, CCT-02
54. Times Microwave RB-1880 RB1880 replacement blades, ST240EZ
55. Times Microwave RB-456 RB456 replacement blades, ST-400, 500,600
56. Times Microwave RB-CST RBCST replacement blades, CST-400
57. TNB-ERG120 ERG120 ergonomic hand tool, NYLON CABLE TIES 50-120 LBS
58. TNT-16722 16722 replacement blade, CC100
59. Trilogy CTAIORB/2PK CTAIORB2PK replacement blades, 1/2" - 7/8" PREP TOOLS CT AIO

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