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No. Product Description Price
1. ICT PCM-12ADL PCM12ADL dual lead filtering, 16 AMPS, NOISE FILTERS
2. ICT PCM-25ADL PCM25ADL dual lead filtering, 35 AMPS, NOISE FILTERS
3. ICT PCM-40ADL PCM40ADL dual lead filtering, 55 AMPS, NOISE FILTERS
4. Laird NS1535 NS1535 35 Volt, 15 AMP, NOISE FILTERS
5. Laird NS3035 NS3035 35 Volt, 30 AMP, NOISE FILTERS
6. Newmar PC-10 PC10 affected equipment filter, 10 AMPS, NOISE FILTERS
7. Newmar PC-25 PC25 affected equipment filter, 25 AMPS, NOISE FILTERS

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