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ManufacturerCommScope (10) , RFS Cablewave (3)
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1176241 mount accessory kit, 1.8M (6') ANTENNA
Part No.: ANC-117624-1
Uom: Each
List US$ 599.99

2032351 feed mounting hardware kit, FEED MOUNTS
Part No.: ANC-203235-1
Uom: Each
List US$ 70.00

249993 mounting hardware kit, MODEL 26 ANTENNA
Part No.: ANC-249993
Uom: Each
List US$ 15.00

5201251 universal joint & strut assy, PARABOLIC ANTENNAS
Part No.: ANC-520125-1
Uom: Each
List US$ 200.00

5209022 hi-wind accessory kit, 8' / 10' / 12' ANTENNAS
Part No.: ANC-520902-2
Uom: Each
List US$ 400.00

7611248 strut hardware kit, VALUELINE ANTENNA
Part No.: ANC-7611248
Uom: Each
List US$ 79.28

7612058 mount kit, 3' AND 4' VALUELINE ANTENNAS
Part No.: ANC-7612058
Uom: Each
List US$ 240.00

7612757 brace assembly, 3' VALUELINE ANTENNA
Part No.: ANC-7612757
Uom: Each
List US$ 90.00

76129772 hardware kit, VHLP4-11W-2W-H/8
Part No.: ANC-7612977-2
Uom: Each
List US$ 600.00

76188943 complete standard mount kit, 0.3M VALUELINE ANTENNA
Part No.: ANC-7618894-3
Uom: Each
List US$ 225.00

20011106 standard packet mount kit, PAD8 SERIES ANTENNA
Part No.: CBW-20011106
Uom: Each
List US$ 821.33

20021666 feed wave guide, 4' "DA" SERIES ANTENNAS
Part No.: CBW-20021666
Uom: Each
List US$ 1,090.40

20036786 packet mount BF 06 1SE 114, SB6-W600CC
Part No.: CBW-20036786
Uom: Each
List US$ 282.85

13 Products
Result Page: 1  
Per page:

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