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power range1000W + (3)
maximum power input (W)1500W (selected)  Show All 'maximum power input (W)'
dry/oil filledoil (3)
ManufacturerBird (3)
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8860 1500W maximum power input (W), DC-1 GHZ, LOADS, QC-LC(F), OIL
Part No.: BIR-8860
Uom: Each
List US$ 1,448.07

8862D 1500W maximum power input (W), 470-860 MHZ, LOADS, 1-5/8 EIA FLANGE(QC), OIL
Part No.: BIR-8862D
Uom: Each
List US$ 1,855.09

8864 1500W maximum power input (W), DC-2 GHZ, LOADS, 3 1/8" EIA FLANGE, OIL
Part No.: BIR-8864
Uom: Each
List US$ 1,615.08

3 Products
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