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Trilogy AR012F50

Product Description


Trilogy's AirCell, is high-performance, low-loss, 50 Ohm coaxial cable developed exclusively for the wireless communication market. The name AirCell is derived from the patented air-dielectric design. Dry air is enclosed in hermetically sealed polyethylene chambers that bond 100% from center conductor to outer conductor. The air chambers are formed by regularly spaced discs, which provide structural integrity to the cable. This unique design gives the cable durability and superior electrical performance.

Please Call 877-648-8866 for pricing.

Part No.: TRG-AR012F50
Uom: Feet

Additional Information


Technical Specifications

maximum frequency (MHz)11000
fire retardantY
plenum ratedN
attenuation,dB/100ft@ 30 MHz.50
attenuation,dB/100ft@ 150 MHz1.18
attenuation,dB/100ft@ 450 MHz2.0
attenuation,dB/100ft@ 824 MHz2.67
attenuation,dB/100ft@ 896 MHz2.75
attenuation,dB/100ft@ 960 MHz2.82
attenuation,dB/100ft@ 1700 MHz3.79
cable size1/2"
attenuation,dB/100ft@ 2500 MHz4.23
attenuation,dB/100ft@ 5900 MHzN/A
jacketfire retardant
outer conductordual slotted solid aluminum
inner conductorcopper-clad aluminum
minimum bending radius6"
impedance50 Ohm
velocity of propagation91%
peak power rating (kW)32
Weight0.13 LB
Warranty15 years
Shipping *Heavy Freight

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