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Times Microwave WK-S-1

Product Description

WKS1 self-bonding tape, 1.5", 1.5", QTY 1 KIT

\fs22 Self-Bonding Silicone tape is a cost effective, labor saving alternative to traditional Vinyl Mastic and Butyl Rubber sealing kits. There is no mess and no need to protect the silicone with layers of PVC tape. Proper weather sealing to prevent the ingress of moisture is critical to the longterm reliability of all antenna feeder cables. Potential weather conditions such as snow, ice or rain in combination with severe heat, cold and high wind require special care to be taken during the weather sealing process.

NS Non-Cancel Non-Return Item

Please Call 877-648-8866 for pricing.

Part No.: TMC-WK-S-1
Uom: Each

Additional Information


Technical Specifications

typeself-bonding tape
feeder cable size1.5"
receiving end1.5"
description6 connectors - 1.5" x 15'
Weight1 LB
Warranty5 years
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