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Times Microwave BH-S38-NH

Product Description


\fs22 The proven design of the Butterfly Hanger provides a versatile means for securing individual transmission lines within your wireless system. Corrosion resistant stainless steel construction ensures long term integrity in extreme weather applications. A stainless steel clip insert provides additional support and prevents damage from occurring by isolating smaller diameter lines from the hanger mounting hardware. Integrated cable grippers bite into the jacketing to provide additional support in heavy wind and ice loading conditions. Captivated 1/4" stainless steel hardware allows the user to quickly tighten this hanger without fumbling or dropping hardware during the installation process. Butterfly Hanger Kits come with (10) 3/8" x 3/4" long stainless steel slotted hex head bolts, stainless steel star washers and stainless steel nuts. "NH" versions do not include this hardware.

Please Call 877-648-8866 for pricing.

Part No.: TMC-BH-S38-NH
Uom: Each

Additional Information


Technical Specifications

cable modelLMR-400
pkg qty10
cable type/size400 type
hardware included (Y/N)N
Weight0.8 LB
Warranty5 years
Shipping *Parcel Freight

* A product is usually associated with one of the following:
1) Parcel Freight: Indicates that shipping will typically be completed via UPS, FedEx, USPS or other carriers that typically transport smaller items.
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