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Samlex SEC-1212SM

Product Description

SEC1212SM output voltage (VDC) 13.8 Volt, PEAK OUTPUT CURRENT (A) 10 AMPS, MOTOROLA, SM50,

List US$ 170.42

Part No.: SAM-SEC-1212SM
Uom: Each

Additional Information

SAM_Radio Cabinet Offering.pdf

Technical Specifications

radio manufacturerMotorola
fuse rating (A)10 Amps
compatible radio model(s)SM50,120, GTX, CM200, 300
peak output current (A)10 Amps
output voltage (VDC)13.8 Volts
input voltage (VAC)120 Volts
meter (Y/N)Y
battery back-up (Y/N)N
Weight2.6 LB
Warranty3 years
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