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Mobile Mark SMV-UCE-1A2C-BLK-180

Product Description

SMVUCE1A2CBLK180 824-960/1575.42/1710-1990 MHz, 5 DBI GAIN, LOW PROFILE, MOBILE, TNC(M)/SM

NS Non-Cancel Non-Return Item

List US$ 117.04

Part No.: MMK-SMV-UCE-1A2C-BLK-180
Uom: Each

Technical Specifications

alpha frequencyCellular900 BandPCS 
mount typesurfacesurfacesurface 
maximum power (W)10W10W10W 
gain5 dBi5 dBi5 dBi 
frequency (bandwidth)824-960/1575.42/1710-1990 MHz824-960/1575.42/1710-1990 MHz824-960/1575.42/1710-1990 MHz 
alpha frequency   GPS
mount type   surface mount
voltage range   2.7 to 5 VDC
connector   SMA(M)
dB gain amplifier   26 dB
noise figure   2 dB
polarization   right hand circular
cable   RG-174
housing   polycarbonate
color   black
Weight0.8 LB
Warranty2 years
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