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Mobile Mark LTM301-3J3J2C-WHT-180

Product Description

LTM3013J3J2CWHT180 694-960/1710-2170/1575.42 MHz, 3 DBI GAIN, LOW PROFILE, MOBILE, SMA(M)

\fs20 Mobile Mark's LTM301 Series antenna contains three separate anten\-nas, all in one compact antenna housing: two identical LTE 700 MHz & Cellular antennas and one GPS antenna. LTE MIMO (multiple-input-multiple-output) modems offer greater speed and capacity than earlier generations of modems. They achieve this by sending RF signals on multiple antenna elements to maximize the amount of information transmitted and received, but in order to ensure optimum performance the LTE MIMO system needs multiple antennas on both the transmission and receive ends.This 3-element LTM antenna is designed for fleet management systems that combine a GPS receiver with a 2-element LTE MIMO mo\-dem. For fleet management systems that add in a WiFi modem, the LTM401 (for WiFi MIMO modems) and the LTM301 (for non-MIMO WiFi modems) are recommended. Measuring 5.5" (140mm) in diameter with a low profile of 2.38" (60.4mm), 5.5" (140mm) x 2.78" (70.6mm) with the magnet mount, LTM series antennas take up significantly less space than multiple antennas and cut down on installation time and costs by offering a single mounting hole

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Part No.: MMK-LTM301-3J3J2C-WHT-180
Uom: Each

Additional Information


Technical Specifications

alpha frequency700 Band800 BandCellular900 BandPCS2.4 GHz 
cable15', RF-19515', RF-19515', RF-19515', RF-19515', RF-19515', RF-195 
mount type       
maximum power (W)10W10W10W10W10W10W 
gain3 dBi3 dBi3 dBi3 dBi4 dBi4 dBi 
frequency (bandwidth)694-960/1710-2170/1575.42 MHz694-960/1710-2170/1575.42 MHz694-960/1710-2170/1575.42 MHz694-960/1710-2170/1575.42 MHz694-960/1710-2170/1575.42 MHz694-960/1710-2170/1575.42 MHz 
alpha frequency      GPS
mount type      surface mount
voltage range       
connector      SMA(M)
dB gain amplifier      26 dB
noise figure       
polarization      right hand circular
cable      15', RG-174
housing      ASA UV stable plastic
color      white
Weight1.5 LB
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