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Comtelco Y421910A

PCS 1000-2149 12.0 to 15.9 12 dBi 1850-1990 MHz <2:1 N(F) 125 MPH 35 deg 38 deg 20 dB Y 150W horizontal or vertical DC ground 10 18.5"

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Product Description

Y421910A 1850-1990 MHz, 12 DBI GAIN, YAGI, N(F)

High Perforamance: This 10 element yagi antenna provides 12dBi/10dBd gain with excellent wide band performance. Rugged and weatherproof: Our hybrid radome construction provides excellent weather protection for our driven element. The radome is constructed of UV inhibited ABS. The heavy duty mounting plate is extruded aluminum. Stainless steel V bolts are provided for long term reliability and resistance to corrosion. Lightweight and Durable: This yagi antenna is easily installed by one person, yet is designed to withstand 125 MPH winds. Termination Options: Type A: 12" teflon pigtail with N connector.

List US$ 104.17

Part No.: CTC-Y421910A
Uom: Each

Additional Information


Technical Specifications

alpha frequencyPCS
horizontal beamwidth (deg)38 deg
front-to-back ratio (dB)20 dB
mounting hdw. included (Y/N)Y
maximum power input (W)150W
polarizationhorizontal or vertical
lightning protectionDC ground
# of elements10
boom length18.5"
gain12 dBi
frequency (bandwidth)1850-1990 MHz
wind survival w/o ice (MPH)125 MPH
vertical beamwidth (deg)35 deg
Weight2 LB
Warranty1 year
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