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RFS Celwave 10108-1

Product Description

101081 806-896 MHz, 10 DBD GAIN, YAGI, N(F)

\fs16 The 10108 Broadband Yagi is specifically designed for control station operation. This antenna is ruggedly constructed of 6061-T6 aluminum rod and pipe. Director and reflector elements are precision welded to their main boom, effectively eliminating misalignment problems during shipping, installation or service. Radiating elements are enclosed in a molded ABS radome to protect against evere environmental conditions and minimize pattern distortion due to ice buildup. The mounting hardware supplied facilitates mounting on either vertical or horizontal members. The small surface area of the 10108 antenna minimizes wind resistance and conserves tower loading capacity. The 10108D consists of two 10108 antennas stacked and fed in-phase through a matching transformer. Normal polarization is vertical, however, antennas may be horizontally polarized provided the connectors are in the same orientation.

List US$ 270.00

Part No.: CLW-10108-1
Uom: Each

Additional Information


Technical Specifications

alpha frequency800 Band
horizontal beamwidth (deg)50 deg
front-to-back ratio (dB)20 dB
mounting hdw. included (Y/N)Y
maximum power input (W)150W
polarizationhorizontal or vertical
lightning protectionDC ground
# of elements8
boom length35"
gain10 dBd
frequency (bandwidth)806-896 MHz
wind survival w/o ice (MPH)150 MPH
vertical beamwidth (deg)42 deg
Weight5 LB
Warranty3 years
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