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CommScope UBXP600-4-1

Product Description

UBXP60041 4490-6425 MHz, 28.0 DBI GAIN, PANEL/SECTOR, N(F), DUAL

List US$ 1,539.06

Part No.: ANC-UBXP600-4-1
Uom: Each

Technical Specifications

alpha frequency4.9 GHz6 GHz
H-plane (deg)5.0 deg5.0 deg
front-to-back ratio (dB)48 dB48 dB
mounting hdw. included (Y/N)YY
maximum power input (W)  
lightning protectionDC groundDC ground
gain28.0 dBi28.0 dBi
frequency (bandwidth)4490-6425 MHz4490-6425 MHz
wind survival w/o ice (MPH)150 MPH150 MPH
E-plane (deg)5.0 deg5.0 deg
Weight22 LB
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