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Advancing Network Performance

With over 30+ years focused on advancing network performance

Fueled by our insatiable thirst to be connected at any time, from anywhere, network traffic, especially data and other enhanced wireless services, is growing rapidly and expected to continue this trajectory for the foreseeable future. While the number and use of services continues to grow, mobile users demand a quality experience every time they use their device - whether in a building, a congested area, or driving in a remote are. This has led to an increasing demand for more network capacity, higher throughput and more intelligence. This network evolution, coupled with the pervasiveness of mobile devices, has driven the advancement and increasing dependence on the pioneering infrastructure necessary to deploy next-generation networks.

Westell's proven solutions include:

  • In-Building Wireless (IBW)
  • Intelligent Site Management
  • Cell Site Optimization
  • Outside Plant and Industrial Networks

Featured product: DAS Interface Unit

The DAS Interface Unit(DIU) simplifies the interconnection of repeaters and base stations into a distributed antenna system (DAS). CSI's DIUs are available to suit virtually any combination of RF bands and technologies for multi DAS systems.

Featured Product: 100 Amp Fuse Panel

Westell offers an extensive line of fuse panels for secondary power distribution and breaker panels for primary protection applications. Built in the USA, Westell leads the industry in flexibility, price competitiveness, and product availability.

Product Specifications
DAS Interface Unit (DIU)
Key Product Features
  • Unlimited custom configuration options available
  • Industry's most cost effective combiner solution
  • Interconnects BTS or Repeater to single host or multicarrier DAS
  • Simply your installation, saving time and reducing installation costs
  • Supports multiple bands, technologies, and frequencies
  • Available in Cellular 850, PCS 1900, LTE 700, SMR 800, SMR 900, AWS and Public Safety 700
  • Easy to install, rack mountable cabinets for a cleaner solution
  • Uplink/downlink test ports are available
Product Specifications
100 Amp Fuse Panel
Key Product Features
  • Ensure protection of site equipment
  • Full monitoring of blown fuses or breaker trips and loss of bus power
  • Industry standard configurations
  • Dual-bus designs for power redundancy
  • Dual Voltage Panels (24 or 48Vdc Batteries)