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Radiowaves — Microwave Antenna Innovation

RadioWaves is considered the market leader in Microwave antenna innovation. We offer a total portfolio of microwave and broadcast antenna for commercial and government use that are engineered for increasing network demand. Our expansive portfolio of wireless and broadband antenna are designed to optimize RF performance in microwave systems. Each purpose built design is manufactured to minimize part count, maximize system performance and provide rapid on-site assembly in the harshest environments while providing both high reliability and measured ROI for network operators.

Antenna Solutions

Parabolic Antennas: Available in single or dual polarized formats and three levels of performance including standard performance (1.3 GHz- 13 GHz), high performance (2.1 HGz-86 GHz) and super high performance (5.2 GHz-11 GHz).

HUB or Sector Antennas:RadioWaves SEC series of sector antennas are ideal for point to multi point applications. Available in single or dual polarization these antennas offer outstanding pattern performance with gain specs you can count on.

Flat Panel Antennas:Light weight design offer ease installation with aesthetically pleasing for urban population requirements.

OMNI Directional Antennas:Light weight construction antennas ideal for low profile vehicle applications.

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